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22/1/13 Love, Now episode 48 真愛趁現在 第四十八集

22/1/13 Love, Now episode 48 真愛趁現在 第四十八集

Summary: Annie and George are at his office working through the files, George is sorting thing out on the phone as well and he is more stressed than ever, Angus then brings a file into the room and before Annie and George do any discussions George shuts the door, Annie asks him was he suspicious of Angus but George just says that everyone is suspicious until the traitor is found... Annie tries to tell him to relax a little and believe in some people but George says he cannot trust anyone outside his family.
Mandy goes to Bobby's old school and meets the headmaster and he gets her all the basketball team photos and team list from 85-87. She spends a long time going through all the photos and things and she finally finds a photo and she says to herself she knew Bobby's mum went to the match if not she wouldn't have been able to recite it so well!!
Annie goes home early and She has to prepare herself before going into the house and puts on a smile. Inside her mother in law thinks that there is something wrong thats why she is home early but Annie reassures her that she just didn't have much work in the office. Then grandmother in law comes running to her and says that she want to learn English and she want to be the person that goes abroad with her grandson to study. Annie then tries to go into the kitchen to help but she is told she can't touch anything as she is pregnant. But she is more that happy to just help out with lighter jobs.
George is working late and pacing up and down his office, completely defeated... Finally he decides to go home... Annie is asleep and as he puts his things down on the desk her find the camera and he puts it on and watches the clips, firstly there is a clip of 'mum' cooking, the there is 'grandma' learning English and then 'sister' has a mask on, they all get embarrassed and keep telling Annie to stop filming...
Finally it is Annie's turn and she says that the baby want to speak... The 'baby speaks' and says 'Daddy I've been good and I love you'. Annie then says that for the baby's sake she need to sleep early...
George sits there watching the video and he is moved to tears... He goes over to Annie and thanks Annie for all shes done... he thanks her for keeping everyone happy and he finally say I love you and he kisses her as she sleeps. Annie smiles in her sleep.
The next day George is at Esther's and 'Dads for breakfast... He is bickering with Esther again... Esther then blurts out that Angus told her that HaoSheng is in trouble... this really worries 'Dad' and Bobby tells Esther off for gossiping... Esther then tries to use her analytical skills and says that there is only three reason why the traitor did what he/she did... firstly because she was jealous of George having a family... Bobby banishes the idea and says that George is too cold to have any admirer... Second reason was because the person was seeking money, but Bobby says  that there is no way they could investigate the employees finances and last the other explanation was revenge... this triggers something in Bobby and he rushes out.
Bobby takes a bag of gifts and visits a lady in hospital... I think she is Linda... Linda tells Bobby that she was hospitalised due to too hectic work... Bobby then questions on and as the conversation develops, Bobby pins down on an ex manager of HaoSheng who was fired and was also the cause of Bobby being sued by George in the past... Bobby speculates that the copyright info was leaked by this guy and he starts trying to track down this guy.
As Bobby leaves the hospital he sees Mandy and is she is waiting for someone and he watches as a guy meets Mandy... The guy and Mandy leave in one direction and Bobby walks away sadly in the other.
George is having a meeting with his Aunt and Angus also comes along and brings more files for George to look over... As Angus leaves the room, Bobby comes in and he discusses his findings with George, George starts immediately to think of how to revenge on the guy and he thinks about what he is going to do next. Bobby sees George so tense and smack him on his ass and tells him to loosen up for the sake of his wife and the baby.
Bobby and George leave together and George thanks Bobby for what he has done... just as they get outside, Annie is there to pick George up... George expresses that he is very happy today as he has found clues about his case and his wife is there to pick him up from work. Annie then says hi to Bobby and Bobby teases the couple for being too in love and their love is brightening up the whole street even without the street lights... LOL. Annie and George leave to go home and Bobby calls up 'Dad' and asks if he could go over for dinner.
After dinner, 'Dad' makes an excuse and tells Bobby to go into his room so that they could have a chat. 'Dad' says he noticed that Bobby was unhappy and asked him what was on his mind... Bobby says that he just feels a heavy weight on his chest. 'Dad' asks him whether or not it had to do with Mandy and Bobby tells dad that there isn't any hope for them two any more and Bobby says that they have had a chat after Dad went to speak to Mandy and that Bobby has told Mandy everything and told her about the hurdle he could never get over. Bobby admits that Mandy is very special to him as she was the first girl that Bobby liked and hadn't confessed, she was also the first girl Bobby has kept such a distance with and also the first girl that Bobby said NO to and he doesn't feel happy at all about it...

Oh my goodness!! Thank God that they have found who is the traitor... in all honestly i had a speculation that it was Angus and i was like NOOOOOO please don't do that!!! But luckily it was some horrible person of no importance!!
I am actually really impressed with George's acting, even though it is just acting the way he can have two extremes is amazing... firstly he can be sooo calm, cool and collected but when he is with Annie he absolutely melts... I loved the scene where he watched to Annie's filming and when he was moved to tears...it takes a real man to be touched like that!
Bobby and Mandy's storyline is developing well... i hope this hurdle will be jumped soon and then Bobby can finally face his real feelings!!

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